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Why are cookies needed?

These cookies are a small collection of information that a website sends to your device. The browser (web client) accesses the site by sending these files via an HTTP request. They are intended for storage on the side of users – used solely for analytical purposes – and they do not pose any security threat to the device or the person.

Using the Cookies technology (processing them through popular Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer browsers), you transfer a certain set of information about your device to the site. Subsequently, this can be used to log into the user system, control profile activity, and simplify authorization by remembering the entered data (login and password).

How do we use your cookies?

First of all, the use of this type of files is performed to better the user experience, allow us to ensure the correct operation of the site using all of its functionality. If the user does not agree with the use of this technology, the quality and reliability of the connection can be significantly affected.

Cookies improve performance, analytics, and data processing efficiency. This helps to understand how users interact with the content and pages of the site (session time, number of pages viewed, etc.). Also, they are actively used to detect errors, which allows the team to improve the site.

Analytical use also means measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and making the necessary effective edits in order to obtain the highest quality content.

Everything is completely anonymous. Any information which we exchange with your device is anonymously encoded.

How do I delete cookies?

You have the option to disable the storage function of this file type. Also, you can disable their creation or activate the confirmation function before sending data. In your web client (browser), you can always find the information you need in the Cookies settings.

However, we strongly recommend that you do not restrict this option for our site, as the user experience may be affected by this. Also, some information may not be displayed correctly.

Our Cookies are completely safe.