Privacy Policy

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1. Confidentiality

We respect the law and your privacy, so we do our best to protect your consumer rights in a quality manner.

1.1 The use of user data does not violate the rights and is performed within the framework of the current law. The information provided about the Privacy Policy is necessary to inform the methods of processing your data.

1.2 The privacy policy is an important piece of information, familiarization with which is necessary for every user. By visiting our site you acknowledge your familiarity and agree to the privacy policy of the site.

1.3 In the following sections, we will examine the nature of the data and the purpose of the collection when you visit the pages of our website.

2. Non-personalized user data

2.1 Your device automatically transmits technical information about itself with each visit to our website. For example, viewing time, mobile device number & version, operating system, screen resolution, requested domain, UI address, and pageview time.

2.2 Data collection takes place automatically based on technical considerations and is not tied to a specific user. We only process non-personalized user data.

2.3 Non-personalized user data is used solely for analytical purposes:

  • Improving content quality and user experience
  • Improving the relevance of the information provided based on the needs of the end-user.

3. Cookies

3.1 We use cookies on our website, which allows us to significantly expand the functionality, speed up feedback, and shorten the loading time of content on mobile devices.

4. Analytics by Google

4.1 The use of Google Analytics with an active anonymity function is a web analysis tool. By analyzing user cookies, information is processed by third-party Google companies. All information is stored on the company’s internal servers located in the United States. Use solely for analytical purposes, reporting, and other operations related to the website is the sole purpose of collecting this data.

Google reserves the right to transfer this information to third parties in exceptional cases. You can read more about Google’s privacy policy on the page:

5. Personal data

5.1 All information about the identified user is categorized as “Personal data”. Importantly, we do not collect, process, or store personal data of users.

5.2 We use (hereafter “GA”) services, a third party service provider, to display some advertisement media in the form of clickable banners, buttons, and links. When we display these media or when you click on these media, “GA” collects your IP for fraud detection purposes, then you are redirected to the advertiser website. In some cases “GA” cookies are stored on your device, for more information please review the “GA” cookie policy at

6. Redirecting links to external Internet resources

6.1 Our privacy policy does not apply to third-party Internet resources or applications. The presence of links in the materials on the pages of the site does not oblige you to be held liable for the materials of the third-party site. When you go to an external website, we recommend that you read their privacy policy

6.2. The information provided on the site is posted for informational purposes only. We do not provide services in the field of gambling, but we ask you to be responsible and prudent.

7. Current privacy policy terms and changes

7.1 The privacy policy does not have a lifetime and is unlimited. The project reserves the right to unilaterally amend the current Privacy Policy. All relevant information is always posted on this page. Changes to the Privacy Policy are made automatically, starting from the moment of their initial publication.

8. Contact us

8.1 The user has a permanent right to contact our support service for advice on any issues.